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AppFabric Caching throw ErrorCode ERRCA0017 SubStatusES0006 temporary failure exception

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asked Jul 24, 2015 in C#.NET by Sunil

I am working on a POC for using AppFabric for cahing the object in the clustered environment. At this point I am not even trying to run it server. I am trying just in local machine by setting cluster server at my local machine. I have used the following code to create the instance of the Cache.

var servers = new List<DataCacheServerEndpoint>
    new DataCacheServerEndpoint(Environment.MachineName, 22233)

var factoryConfig = new DataCacheFactoryConfiguration {Servers = servers};

var dataCacheFactory = new DataCacheFactory(factoryConfig);

DataCacheInstance = dataCacheFactory.GetCache("CacheBucketName");

But, it is throwing below error.

"ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure. Please retry later. (One or more specified cache servers are unavailable, which could be caused by busy network or servers. For on-premises cache clusters, also verify the following conditions. Ensure that security permission has been granted for this client account, and check that the AppFabric Caching Service is allowed through the firewall on all cache hosts. Also the MaxBufferSize on the server must be greater than or equal to the serialized object size sent from the client.)"

Any suggestion?


1 Answer

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answered Jul 28, 2015 by Aadhira (1,215 points)

This may be happening due to different reasons. Please make sure you have done below configuration things. If not, then please try these and see whether it works.

  1. Adding "Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Core" in to the config file

  2. If you are testing it in local machine, then make sure to grant permission in the appfabric for your local domain account

    Grant-CacheAllowedClientAccount DomainName/UserId

  3. Sometime in local, the default ChannelOpenTimeout may not be good enough. So, increase the ChannelOpenTimeout in the DataCacheFactoryConfiguration as below.

    var factoryConfig = new DataCacheFactoryConfiguration
    RequestTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1),
    ChannelOpenTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(2),
    Servers = servers,
    LocalCacheProperties = new DataCacheLocalCacheProperties()

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