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Why SQL Server Row Constructor not working with select query

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asked Jun 13, 2013 in SQL Server by Yadev

I know we can write insert query with collection of rows to insert with in a single query like below.

Insert Into Employees Value
(1, "Robin", 28),
(2, "Albert", 32),
(3, "Sunil", 44),
(3, "Peter", 37)

Consider I have another table called Managers where I am inserting some entries also, I am trying to read value from Employees table to insert during that bulk insert. But I SQL Server does not allow me to do that. Why?

Sample query

("Ajay", 43),
(SELECT name, age FROM Employees WHERE age > 35),
("Yadev", 52)

1 Answer

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answered Jun 14, 2013 by Aadhira (1,215 points)
selected Jun 18, 2013 by administrator
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Thats because Row Constructor will accept only scalar values. You can do the below but it may not be that valuable.

("Ajay", 43),
((SELECT name FROM Employees WHERE Id = 3), (SELECT age FROM Employees WHERE Id = 3)),
((SELECT name FROM Employees WHERE Id = 4), (SELECT age FROM Employees WHERE Id = 4)), 
("Yadev", 52)

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