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How to create multi dimensional array in php

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asked Jun 12, 2013 in Php by anonymous
retagged Jun 12, 2013 by administrator

In what scenario I may need multi dimentaional array in php? Please post me some sample code and help me understand how it works?


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answered Jun 12, 2013 by administrator (315 points)
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Creating multi dimensional array is very easy and it is same as creating single dimensional array. Because array can hold any type of object. It could be primitives or it could custom objects. So, it can hold another array as well.

Example two dimensional array:

$_MultiDimensionalArray = array("Microsoft" => array("C#.NET", "VB.NET", "ASP.NET"),
"Google"=> array("Analytics", "Cloud", "BigQuery"));
echo $_MultiDimensionalArray["Microsoft"][0];
echo $_MultiDimensionalArray["Google"][1];

above code will print "C#.NET" and "Cloud". Using the same idea, we can create 3 dimensional array also.

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